In New Jersey and 7 Other States, Democrats Fill Ranks of Challengers


Atop the Democratic ticket in New Jersey was Mr. Menendez, who, despite having weathered a lengthy corruption trial and receiving a blistering admonishment from the Senate Ethics committee, faced only a little known challenger, Lisa McCormick, in the primary. But Ms. McCormick, who had no federal finance filings, no ads and no major campaign apparatus, still managed to garner nearly 40 percent of the vote — a sign, perhaps, that many Democrats voted in protest for a candidate they did not know rather than support the scandal-singed Mr. Menendez.

The general election promises to be hard-fought and potentially ugly. Both candidates have sizable war chests, and both come with vulnerabilities that make them ripe for partisan attack — Mr. Menendez for his corruption case, and Mr. Hugin for the $280 million in fines his drug company, Celgene, paid last year for inappropriately marketing its cancer drugs.

In Montana, a state Mr. Trump carried by 20 points in 2016, the primary contest for Jon Tester’s Senate seat is a pivotal race for Republicans hoping to retain or build upon their slim majority in the Senate. Mr. Tester will face Matt Rosendale, the state auditor, who won the Republican nomination Tuesday in a narrow victory over Russ Fagg.


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