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Commerce Secretary Wilbur L. Ross Jr. shorted stock in a shipping firm — an investment tactic for profiting if share prices fall — days after learning that reporters were preparing a potentially negative story about his dealings with the Kremlin-linked company. The transaction, valued between $100,000 and $250,000, took place last fall after Mr. Ross…


How Snapchat Makes Mini Movies in Augmented Reality

In augmented reality, the ability to work across disciplines is especially valuable. The medium represents a mash-up of modern technological marvels — computer vision, haptics, artificial intelligence — and more conventional creative endeavors, like screenwriting and character animation. In late 2016, the Libermans’ unique background caught the attention of executives at Snap, which, one year…

Tech Tip: How to Back Up Your Android Phone

TECH TIP Google saves your settings and some app content to its cloud, but third-party programs may give you a more complete backup. Q. How do you automatically back up an Android device without a computer, and where do the files live? A. Google includes a basic online backup service in the standard Android system…

Tech Tip: Two Tools to Protect Privacy Online

TECH TIP Virtual private networks and ad blockers shield you in different ways, and can work together. Q. What is the difference in security protections between TunnelBear and Ghostery? A. Both programs are meant to protect your privacy and give you more online anonymity. But TunnelBear primarily encrypts your overall internet connection, and Ghostery blocks…

Amazon Tightens Grip on a New Medium: Live Streams of Video Games

“You have this really unique live interaction you don’t get with YouTube videos,” said Meg Kaylee, a streamer and host on GameStop TV who built her career playing various games on Twitch after starting on YouTube. “It’s a completely different experience.” Citing Twitch’s fervent audiences and the “better job” it does in communicating with talent,…