Dead Pimp Cruises to Victory in Nevada State Election


In an interview on Wednesday, Ms. O’Kane, 48, said she did not see Mr. Hof’s victory as an endorsement of the man. She said many voters told her that while they would not have voted for Mr. Hof if he were alive, his death brought them to the polls.

“Nevada and that area is a red state, it’s a Republican state,” Ms. O’Kane said. “No Democrat was going to win, and that’s just politics.”

She added that she was angry the news media had picked up on her allegations “because of the election and because he was running.”

“There’s been no real help for the rape victims, and no understanding of how many he has raped,” she said.

Mr. Muth said he thought the confirmation of Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, despite the accusations by women that he sexually assaulted them decades earlier, helped voters look past Ms. O’Kane’s accusations.

“I think maybe that Kavanaugh thing helped play in his favor,” Mr. Muth said.

Erik Herzig, the chairman of the political science department at the University of Nevada, Reno, said that by dying, Mr. Hof “solved a problem” for conservatives who might have been opposed to his profession. But Dr. Herzig said that in this rural part of Nevada, many voters probably wouldn’t have minded.

“If he would have run, say, in the City of Reno, no, he wouldn’t have won,” Dr. Herzig said. “But in a rural district that’s incredibly conservative and has prostitution legalized in the county, it’s almost like, ‘So what’s the big deal?’”


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