Architect of Cuomo’s Buffalo Billion Project Is Convicted in Bid-Rigging Scheme


She added, “Andrew Cuomo is either corrupt or he is spectacularly incompetent.”

Government watchdog groups said that the verdict, like dozens of previous cases touching on corruption in the state capital, was the result of a lack of strong ethics laws and enforcement.

Geoffrey S. Berman, the United States attorney in Manhattan, citing the Kaloyeros verdict and the recent corruption convictions of Mr. Percoco and Sheldon Silver, the former Democratic State Assembly speaker, said, “True justice can only be achieved through independence from politics or influence, and that has never been more important than today.”

Republicans, who have not won a statewide election in New York since 2002, also wasted no time to depict the Kaloyeros and Percoco cases as indicative of the governor’s bad management. “The facts that have been revealed in the two trials indisputably prove that Cuomo is the most crooked, corrupt governor New Yorkers have seen in more than a century,” said Edward F. Cox, the chairman of the New York Republican Party.

Much of the prosecution’s case was based on testimony of Kevin Schuler, a former LPCiminelli vice president who had pleaded guilty and cooperated with the government. Mr. Schuler testified that Mr. Howe had worked closely with LPCiminelli to customize the RFP to the firm’s qualifications.

“We had been asked to give input,” Mr. Schuler said, adding, “We were in the driver’s seat.”

But Mr. Howe, who had pleaded guilty to eight felonies and cooperated with the government, was not called to testify in the Kaloyeros trial. Mr. Howe, already an admitted liar and felon, had his credibility further damaged when he admitted under cross-examination during the Percoco trial that he had tried to defraud a credit card company after signing his cooperation deal with the government — a crime he had not revealed to prosecutors.

Defense lawyers, in their summations in the Kaloyeros trial, harped on Mr. Howe’s absence and the government’s decision not to call him to the witness stand.

“I’m submitting to you that the government didn’t call Todd Howe because they know he’s a liar,” Mr. Williams, the lawyer for Mr. Gerardi, argued. “They wouldn’t want to call him because he would probably undercut their case.”


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